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It’s not necessary to wear Bosom Buddy® in a pocketed mastectomy brassiere; a regular bra may work just fine and often cost less. Here are several important features to consider when purchasing a bra:

  • Fairly wide side bands will hold muscle tissue, so that very little flesh hangs over.
  • Comfortable elastic straps that adjust down the back and fit in the center of the shoulder are best.
  • A scooped back will help keep the brassiere in position.
  • The cleavage area needs to fit snugly and close to the chest wall. Avoid narrow cleavage bras.
  • Brassieres with a seam in the cup usually give better support for a prosthesis.
  • Select a bra that fits your remaining breast. If you need an extra inch or two around the rib cage, try a brassiere extender, or purchase the next rib cage larger and, usually, go down in the cup size. For instance, 38A is the same cup size as 36B, just larger around the rib cage.

We do not sell or recommend specific brassieres, but listed below are the websites and phone numbers of many bra manufacturers who may be able to offer you assistance. 718-526-6766 800-225-4872 800-225-4872 800-858-3887 800-261-5902 800-922-0504 888-888-9328 800-537-9955 561-775-1631 800-225-4872

Sports bras:

If you choose to wear a sports bra, those with front closures work best, because they give you cup definition and won't flatten your bustline as a wrap-around bra would.  Also, many sports bras lend soft, comfortable support when regular brassieres with elastic are too firm next to the sensitive skin areas.  Most sports bras are sized small, medium, large and extra large, which helps eliminate having to locate hard-to-find bra cup sizes.

If you have further questions regarding brassieres, call us at 1-800-262-2789, and we'll be glad to answer your questions or provide other suggestions.

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