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We hear from many of our satisfied customers, who are happy to allow us to reprint their comments. However, to protect the privacy of all of our customers, their last names are not included. Hereís a sampling of a few unsolicited letters that were sent to us recently.

"Iíve been wearing my new prosthesis for several weeks now and am completely satisfied with its comfortable features. Itís so lightweight, and I appreciate the fact that it isnít cold when I install it after itís lain on the dresser overnight!"
     Virginia W., Indianapolis IN

"Thank you so much for your help and assistance in obtaining the correct prosthesis sizeÖ Every time I had to place a call to your company, the representatives were friendly and very helpful, making suggestions and information to allow me to obtain a proper fit. It is wonderful in this day and age to have a company that provides assistance via real-live women representatives who we can speak to directly. What a pleasure dealing with all of you."
     Maggie K., Ft Myers FL

"Several months ago, I phoned for more information about your prosthesis. Since I had always worn a silicone prosthesis which was very expensive, I was skeptical about what you offered. The person I spoke to was most patient and reassuring. I have been very pleased with my purchase. Thank you for being a ĎBosom Buddyí."
     Selma N., Foxboro MA

"I have thought of dropping you a note since my first wearing of your special product Ė Bosom Buddy. My purpose in writing is to say thank you for this safe, comfortable prosthetic breast form. I feel very fortunate that my breast surgeon gave me the information about your product."
     Kay C., Tampa FL

"I canít tell you how delighted I am with my Bosom Buddy. I have paid more than four times your price and havenít been as pleased."
     Helen K., Pittsboro NC

"I have been wearing the heavy silicone form for many years until I came across your ad in a magazine one day and sent for ĎBosom Buddy.í How nice and light and comfortable and cool. You have a lifelong customer in me."
     Marie B., Sun City Center FL

"My patients find your breast form cost effective, easily adaptable and comfortable, especially in the warm Sacramento Valley climate. I find the product well designed for either short term use before breast reconstruction or for permanent use."
     Dominic Erba, MD, F.A.C.S.,
     The Woodland Clinic, Woodland CA

"I have had many prostheses over the years Ė some very expensive Ė but have always been uncomfortable. Most are much too heavy and certainly much too hot, especially during the summerÖ Hence this letter to say thank you and may God bless you for what already seems like a great productÖ Sorry I suffered for such a long time."
     Marie P., Staten Island NY

"I am ordering another prosthesis from you and want you to know how comfortable Iíve found my first one. Itís so much cooler and doesnít pull on my shoulder. Besides, the cost is unbelievable. I paid almost $300 for my first one and it now lays in its box on a shelf. I also couldnít believe the speed in which I received my first one. Usually itís 4-6 weeks and when it arrived in a week, we could not believe. What a wonderful product and such fast service. Believe me I tell everyone I know whether they have had a mastectomy or not."
     Helen M., Lakeside OR

"Iím 44 years old and writing my first Ďfan letter.í I ordered my Bosom Buddy with the intention of using it only until I could be fitted with a silicone form, but I was in for a wonderful surprise! No testimonial for your product should overlook one of your most impressive features, the cost. I truly feel your firm is providing a humanitarian service in making a product available to women who may not be able to afford a prosthesis otherwise. You have a life-long customer in me."
     Brenda M., Wilmington DE

 "Through a patient of mine I became acquainted with your breast form and have found it to be a very satisfactory answer for many of my patients. They enjoy its adjustability and its softness, especially those who are still deciding upon whether they desire surgical reconstruction of their breast. This is an excellent compromise during the interim, and, of course, for patients who do not desire reconstruction, this is an excellent long-term product as well."
     Ronald Kurstin, MD, Chevy Chase MD 

"Just a short note to thank you so much for such a terrific product. It has been over thirteen years since I underwent a mastectomy and this is the first time I have felt that I looked Ďnormal.í Other products were either much too light or way, way too heavy. The Bosom Buddy is perfect. When I received it last November, I thought I was dreaming! I was so skeptical, that I decided not to make a decision about liking or not liking it for at least a week. Know what happened? After just a few days, I was so used to wearing the new prosthesis that I completely forgot, for once, worrying about my appearance. I intended to write a little thank you to you long before this, but I have to admit my Bosom Buddy has become part of my life, and my wardrobe, and like all habits (good and bad) it becomes something I just havenít thought too much about. Please accept my new order, my gratitude, and my best wishes for your continued success in business."
     Theresa S., Eastpointe MI

"I have my surgeon to thank for finding you and Iím glad to pass on the information to people who (after all the stress of cancer etc.) need a good product, comfortable fit and great price."
     Deborah S., Copperas Cove TX

"I had a radical mastectomy in October of 1974. After recovery from radiation and chemotherapy treatment I searched madly for the perfect prosthesis. I paid for and discarded literally hundreds of dollars worth of prostheses and bras. One day I saw an ad in a magazine for a prosthesis I hadnít tried yet. The cost was very moderate so I decided to try one more! The Bosom Buddy! That was about 23 years ago, and though somewhere along the way I purchased an additional one from you, I have been comfy all these years wearing any bra I want to, and as many or few little baggies as desired. Your product has been the perfect solution. Iím too old now, as I approach 80, to buy another one, but I really donít need it. My two Bosom Buddies are still in good condition! I saw your ad in Modern Maturity and decided to write you my testimonial after all this time."
     Felice D., Portland OR

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I havenít been so comfortable since the doctor did his stuff on my right breast. You make wonderful padding and just (the) right size for me."
     Donna H., Wheeling IL

"Just a little note to tell you I am very pleased with the Bosom Buddy breast forms. Iíve worn the silicone forms for five years and believe me, the Bosom Buddy is so much more comfortable. I also like the fact that they are completely washable. It is something we really need in hot Florida weather. Thanks too for the quick delivery."
     Marguerite C., St. Petersburg FL

"You have made my summer bearable, after all these years! Thank you and bless you!!!"
     Marie D., Madison NJ

"Just think Ė if I hadnít looked at the AARP magazine I would never have known about your product. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your forms are so much more comfortable than silicone ones and so much lighter. I had made myself two forms, but wonít have to any more. I had reconstruction right after my surgery in 1988, and again in í89, but it wasnít for me. As soon as I received your Bosom Buddies I called a friend and she came right over. I gave her the information and she ordered too and is quite pleased. Please continue this wonderful work."
     Rosalind H., Beaumont TX

"The Bosom Buddy is too beautiful to be worn under your clothes and too comfortable to explain. I no longer feel ashamed to take my (blouse) off in front of other ladies. Iíve shown it to several ladies that had their breast removed and they agree with me that they had never looked upon anything as beautiful as my Bosom Buddy. I do intend to order another soon. Thank you very much for your kindness. God bless you and yours for making Bosom Buddy."
     Lula T., Summit NJ

"I want to express my gratitude to everyone involved with your business. I have been trying to get the proper shape and size for several weeks. I am amazed at the patience of your people whether I was talking with one of you over the phone or sending me another pair of prosthetics to try in my homeÖ This whole experience has proved to me how dedicated you are to helping those of us needing breast prosthetics. I had been concerned that I couldnít get this kind of understanding and service by going through the mails. I was certainly wrong. Thank you for sticking with me until it came out right. God bless each of you."
     Carol H., El Reno OK

"I received my Bosom Buddy and it is exactly what I needed! I am very happy with it. It fits into my Playtex bra perfectly and is very comfortable. I canít imagine anyone wanting to have one of the silicone ones that are so heavy. Thank you again for Ďbeing thereí."
     Vivian R., Tacoma WA

"I recently ordered two of your Bosom Buddies and am writing to tell you how pleased I am. The lady who took my order was a pleasure to talk with and was most helpful in determining the proper size and shape for me. Your satisfaction guaranteed policy was appreciated too. The package arrived just when she said it would. I immediately donned my Ďbuddiesí and am thrilled with the comfort, weight, size and shape. During the twelve years I have worn silicone breast forms, I have spent into the thousands of dollars for forms (and with no help from insurance) and, needless to say, Iím overjoyed with your prices. Thanks so much for your product. Keep up the good work!"
     Dottie P., Chattanooga TN

"I love my Bosom Buddy. Itís so comfortable, I feel like a new woman!!"
     Betty Jean A., Pittsburgh PA

"I am so pleased with the breast form; it is everything you said it to be. Very comfortable and easy to wear. I am so happy to have ordered from you. Enclosed is my doctorís prescription and Medicare claim request. Thank you."
     Helen P., Schererville IN

"Again I want to tell you how pleased I have been and still am with your product. I donít know if Iím one of the fortunate few, but I actually forget that Iíve had a mastectomy and I really believe that part of it is because of the softness and flexibility of your prosthesis. The first prosthesis I purchased not only cost a fortune but was heavy, rigid and uncomfortable so I was extremely pleased when my surgeon suggested trying yours. Thanks again for a wonderful product."
     Marion J., S Kortright NY

"Three years ago I had bilateral mastectomies and decided against reconstructive surgery. After trying three different brands of breast forms, I felt discouraged, awkward and uncomfortable. When I read your ad, frankly, the name caught my eye. Your brochure arrived, and the price seemed so reasonable. I ordered your product and have found it to be all (and more!) your brochure proclaimed. I decided to write to you when one morning, while dressing for work, I looked in the mirror and thought ĎItís nice to have breasts again.í Thank you for your part in my healing process."
     Mary C., Clayton NY

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